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Type of Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Piercings
  • Magnetic Parts
  • Wings

Just about every project has its accessories, from custom clothing to facial gestures (like eye lids, eye brows and posable tongue).

Here's an example of a small smoke device that was used for a dragon like character where they can blow in one end of the tubing and smoke would come out the other end, exiting the nose. This was made in combination of a E-cig cartridge with a no-scent mixture made for this application.

This was first created with CAD then 3D printed, tweaking details along the way.

If needing any type of accessories that's more worn on the head I'll try and utilize magnets where I can that way it is easy to remove and add on while being in suit. Some examples have been glasses where magnets have been embedded in the nose, or a different eye look.

More accessories coming soon to this page!!