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It has been a good while now since I’ve posted about updates, but I’m glad to say I will be opening up this year for sure! I want to make sure all my current commission builds are just about finished before I open again, since I will be changing the commission process (I know I’ve been changing it a lot these past few years, it’s been a learning curve but I think this last time will be it!).

The big change, no more having to quickly try and get in to get a spot like in the past, I know that was a very stressful part of it so I’m doing away with that. Now it’s going to go by the quotes that you have been saving on this site. Every few months I’m going to send out a request to everyone to see who wants to participate in the selection (a week long request), where you will then have to opt-in a quote that’s saved in your account to participate. Then after that week is over I will then select the top couple quotes (based by oldest created first) and will communicate back with the selected few till I reach my spot limit on openings.

The next change will be with quotes, after an account is inactive on this website (hasn’t been logged into in over 6 months) all quotes will be marked as archived and can not be used in the next participating event. This will help for the ones that actively check in that they will have a better chance at reserving the next spot.

And last, no more long waits in the queue! Once you have been selected and you secure that spot with a down deposit, expect your commission to be finished in the next four to six months. This will help me out a lot to better plan for the unexpected.

In all I’m really excited to get back to taking on new commissions again and hoping this will better the chances for everyone to get in to reserving a spot.

ALSO! A quick note about accounts, if you already have an account on here your Login Name will be your email address. If you have any issues please contact me!

Last Updated: February 5, 2023
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