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How-To Measurements
To prepare yourself for measurements please only wear one layer of clothes if you can. A spandex bodysuit or spandex leggings and a shirt is recommended.
Most of the measurements will require the help of someone else to take.
Make sure you have a soft measuring tape that is at least 60” (150cm) in length, but prefer a 120” (300cm) if available.
To take measurements you want the soft measuring tape to rest on the surface of your skin, not to compress the skin.
You can see each measurement below in detail or watch the Full Video Here.
Body Measurements
A1) Around Neck

Lightly wrap around the neck.
A2) Collar Bone to Under Crotch

Locate where your collar bone meets your sternum, you should feel a little divot, this is where you want to start the measuring tape. Now run it down between your legs, stopping halfway between your legs.
A3) Vertical Trunk

For ease you can start by having one end of the measuring tape held in place, then wrap the tape around your body by going between the legs and up over the shoulder, keeping it as close to your neck.
If you do not have a long enough measuring tape you can use a piece of string or yarn and hold it in place at the starting point, wrap the measuring tape around and then mark off or cut where the string meets the end. Then measure that length of string and add to the length of your measuring tape.
A4) Back Neck to Tailbone

Find the middle just below your neck by following horizontally on the top of your shoulders. Then measure down the middle of your back to your lower lumbar (or belt-line). Basically this is where your tail will be placed on the suit.
A5) Around Bust (Center of Nipples)

Measure around horizontally, over your nipples.
A6) Around Abdomen (Stomach)

Measure around horizontally to your stomach.
A7) Around Hips (Butt)

Measure horizontally around your butt.
A8) Height

Does not have to be exact, just verifies with your other measurements.
A9) Weight

Used to calculate how much material will be needed.
Arm Measurements
B1) Shoulder (Tip) Width

First stand up straight and have your arms relaxed at your sides. To find the shoulder tip, run your fingers along the top of the shoulder till you feel a bony protrusion or a small bump. Do this for both sides, then measure across the back from tip to tip.
B2) Arm Length (Shoulder Tip to Wrist)

Starting at that same shoulder tip point from the last measurement, go down to your wrist while your arm is relaxed at 45 degrees.
B3) Around Upper Arm (Widest)

Hold your arm out and find the widest point on the upper arm, usually this is your biceps. You can flex your muscle and take the measurement if you want a more relaxed fit.
B4) Around Wrist

Measure around your wrist.
B5) Around Palm

Hold your hand out and measure around, just below the knuckles and not including the thumb.
B6) Capture Hand Reference

Use a sheet of paper and write down the exact measurements of that paper in the top corner. Then splay out your fingers keeping them inside the sheet of paper and try to take as straight of a downward shot possible of your hand. This will be used to calculate your hand paw fit.
Leg Measurements
C1) Leg Length (Inseam to Floor)

Using a small thin object (like a pen, small ruler or a book), hold it firmly between your legs at crotch height without clenching it too tightly and stand up straight and tall without arching your back. Now measure from the top of that object to the floor.
C2) Around Upper Leg (Widest)

Stand up relaxed and measure around the widest part of the upper leg, usually this will be your thighs.
C3) Around Ankle

Measure around your ankle.
C4) Shoe Size

Used to base the size of your feet paws by.
Head Measurements
D1) Horizontal Head Circumference

Start the measuring tape at your brow line (usually the most prominent part of the forehead) and wrap around keeping on top of the ears, going to the widest part of the back of the head, continuing around to the front.
D2) Vertical Head Circumference

Start the measuring tape under the chin at the tip and go up, staying in front of your ears and up to the top center of your head, continuing back down to the start.
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