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Commission Process
To get started, you will need to have a quote saved to your account. You can click here to create a quote if you haven't already. Please include references of what you want made, as well as any notes, in the quote. Please make sure to include at least one reference.

About every four months I will select three quotes that participate in the commission selection. To participate, you will have a week to submit a quote to the commission selection by going into your saved quote and clicking on the Participate in the Commission Selection button.

Please note that this means you must have the funding to pay the required down deposit and be able to pay off the commission within the next four to six months. If you are selected and cannot meet this requirement, you will not be able to reserve your spot and the next quote in line will be chosen instead.

Then after the week is up, three quotes will be selected. If you are selected you should receive an email (or any alt methods you saved on your account may be used). If you are not selected in this round, you will have another chance in the next opening. Just make sure to verify your participation within that week when the announcement is made (will send an email and post to the Telegram Announcement Group, Bluesky and Twitter).

If you have not logged into your account for over six months, all of your quotes will be archived and will not be eligible for future openings. This is to ensure that very old accounts cannot use an old quote to secure the first pick in the next opening.

If you continue to participate regularly, you should eventually be selected for an opening.
Reference Materials
The most crucial part to your commission will be your reference material or artwork... the more detailed it is to your liking the more you will love how the final commission turns out!

Good character reference sheets usually consists of a front shot of the character, a side or angled shot showing the side and back, a back shot, and then details that are hard to get in the overall image (paws, tail, tattoos, etc.) Just make sure any details you are wanting in your character are clearly captured in your concept art.

Example shown of an ideal reference sheet (Art done by Pawzer Studios)

You can always include additional references and I also accept NSFW references as well.
Down Deposit and Payments
To reserve a spot on the queue (after you have been selected) a 35% down deposit will be required (non-refundable, goes towards the total). Once the down deposit is met a spot will be reserved on the queue with your start date. Completion time (once your commission is under construction) should take between four to six weeks to complete, but some projects can take longer depending on complexity.

Depending on what spot you end up in you will have between three to six months to pay off the remaining balance. You do have the option of making payments those months or if you want to pay it all off in full in the beginning.

I currently accept credit card and bank transfers through your account on this site, Square Cash, personal checks and money orders.

Once the commission is complete and if full payment is NOT made I will continue to hold the commission up to six (6) months (any warrantee guarantee dates start on the completed date, example: body suit measurement fit). At the end of the 6th month I will get in contact again, but if no arrangement can be met then the commission will be forfeited and sold to recoup loss. If you see any issues that might happen that you can not pay off the remaining in time just let me know, life can be unpredictable.

You will also be responsible to pay for shipping. Sometimes I can calculate this at the beginning but most of the time I will not know till the commission is complete. Normally I will use UPS but can ship with USPS and FedEx. For international shipments I recommend shipping with UPS mostly because of faster shipping and reliability as well as fully insured.

For international orders (if you will be receiving your commission outside of the United States), please note that your country will charge you an import tax that can be very costly (you can expect to pay as much as $600 upon collection of your shipment box). This is something I have no control over and can not discount on your order so please make sure to calculate this into consideration on a purchase. If you have any questions on this please contact me and I will help where I can.

If you are located in Colorado-US or surrounding and would like to pick up your commission, please let me know and we can schedule a pickup date.