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    Sorry about not getting back to everyone about updates to do with future commission openings, the end of last year going into 2019 has been a tough couple of months with switching over to the new workshop, that delayed me more then what I was imagining. I should have kept everyone up to date a lot better then silence for that whole duration, I do apologize and will be changing that from here going forward.

    For future commission openings and the wait list, that is another item I need to change. Since I do not require any down deposits to get on the wait list this exploded the last time I opened and ended up going way beyond 2 years. So with future openings this will be capped to 2 years. The actual queue list will stay the same at max 6 months out (down deposit required for this list). So looking at both list: Queue List (month 1 - 6), Wait List (month 7 - 24).

    My next openings to get on the wait list (going by the current wait) will be around May/June 2020, that way it will give some time for the current wait list to get under a 2 year mark and then I can add a few to it. The first available start date would be sometime around the end of 2021 (I will make updates to this post when these dates change).

    I am hoping with time that I can minimize the wait list more, maybe try going to 18 months out, could even try at 12 months. This will be something I will be considering along the way. Or if anyone has any suggestions please let me know too, this is and always will be a continuing learning experience!

    Another fun little addition I will be trying out very soon will be video streaming (or close to it since my connection is limited), that way on streaming approved projects you will be able to see construction in progress as I build. Once this is available I will also update this post.

    And last I want to say thank you to everyone, from people in the current queue list (you guys are truly amazing to work with <3), to everyone in the wait list that are patiently waiting, I am really honored to be creating something that is so special to each and every one of you and look forward to sharing that excitement as your character comes to life :)


    - Jamie Contreras


    Please check back here for updates (or the Roofur Twitter)!



    Last Updated: May 8, 2019

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