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    Parade Sandals
    SKU: FSAND0001
    Availability: In Stock

    Price: $62.00

    *Color Option:


    Provides comfort and protection for your fursuit paws. Doesn't matter what maker you use for your paws, all we need are measurements!

    Sandals are one inch thick rubberized foam and includes 2 adjustable buckles on each sandal. Custom made to fit customer specific feet paws (you will need to supply photos with measurements from the instructions below).

    You can also select the rubberized foam (base) color and strap color (when available, color may differ from pics).


    When your order is complete please make sure you receive our email with the instructions, it could possibly be sent to your spam folder!


    Please note, when you receive your sandals they are meant to fit your paws snug so they don't slide around while you walk. This is alright temporarily when in use, but when storing I recommend taking off the sandals so they don't crease any fur.


    Custom Sandals Instructions

    (Click on the images above to view full)

    We will need the following measurements and/or pics:

    1. Measurement over behind toes (also a image with the tape measure)
    2. Measurement over before foot entrance (depending on your paws this can be ignored)
    3. Measurement length between toes to foot entrance (also a image with the tape measure)
    4. Measurement around ankle/leg (also a image with the tape measure)
    5. Measurement length across toes (underside)
    6. Measurement length across paw (underside)
    7. Include a straight on pic of underside for trace



    Item is available to ship in 14 to 30 days, depending on availability.