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    LED Resin Claws - Hands (v2)
    Availability: In Stock

    Price: (Per Set) $65.50

    *Claw Version:
    *Number of Claws:
    *Claw Style:
    *Claw Color:
    *LED Color Output:
    *Claw Finish:
    Battery Holder:
    Custom Note:


    These claws are made with a clear casting urethane resin, which allows for flexibility to last for years of use and clarity. The claws are designed to allow your finger tip to be able to control how the claw moves as well as an added depth of perception while being worn. There is a flat or non-cup version also available.

    Each claw contains a small LED that is part of the cast, illuminating the claw. Each paw set connects to the battery through a USB type connector for ease and durability. All wiring used is of a flexible silicone sleeved wire.

    If you want a combination of LED colors please let me know in the Custom Notes (Example: 3 claws with blue LEDs and 2 with red LEDs)


    Wire lengths

    • 9v connector to USB: 8"
    • USB to 3-5 way split: 12"
    • 3-5 way split to claw: 6"


    *Claw Color may very with final set but should be very close to what you have selected.  


    This kit includes the following

    • Resin claws with LEDs & wire harness
    • 2 - 9v plugs
    • Optional: Wrist straps or fleece pockets
    • Installation PDF (Download Here)


    Please note, do not plug in any type of USB device into the connector, it outputs 9v not 5v!


    Item is available to ship in 5 to 14 days, depending on availability.