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    LED Ear Plug Piercing
    Availability: In Stock

    Price: (Per Kit) $32.95

    *LED Color Output:
    *Resin Color:
    *Resin Style:
    Additional Plugs:
    Custom Note:


    Ear plug is made of a clear casting epoxy resin that's tinted and styled to your liking. Wire length from plug to battery is normally around 22in but can be made longer or shorter on request.

    If you want to have more then one plug on the same battery source you can add up to 8 additional plugs (if you require more please contact us with your request). For example, if your needing 6 plugs in total you only need to order 5 additional plugs (cause 1 plug and 1 battery case is included in the initial cost).

    When adding additional plugs they will be connected to each other in a chain like setup, wire length between is normally around 5in but can be made longer (please add any details to the Custom Note above).


    This kit includes the following:

    • Resin Ear Plug(s) with fixed LED(s)
    • 1 - 9v Battery Case with On/Off Switch


    Item is available to ship in 4 to 14 days, depending on availability.