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    Head Construction
    • Static and Movable jaw designs
    • Soft (flat) and 3D "follow me" eye options

    The head is structured with plastic mesh and wire for the frame (wire frame used for movable jaws) with a soft balaclava built into the inside of the head for comfort.

    (Click to enlarge)

    For animated mouth movement the jaw is made separate from the muzzle with a wire frame attaching to the head frame and is controlled with your chin. The outside construction is hand carved with ½” to 4” urethane foam that makes up the muzzle and surrounding head piece. Premium fur with single color piece construction (each color fur is stretched over entire head rather then many individually cut pieces) allows for a more smooth and unbroken finish, and can easily withstand wear through time.

    The eyes can either be constructed as soft or toony eyes, 3D "follow me" eyes, or created to appeal a more realistic look using painted acrylic eyes.

    Check out more pics of this guy!
    Inferno Sabercat

    Hand and Feet Paw Construction

    Soft Paw Pads

    Glove Style Fit

    Stuffed Toony Paws

    Our hand paws are also made to fit with your dimensions. With the thumb separate from the rest of the paw it fits more natural like a glove.

    We also offer stuffed toony hand paws which have foam surrounding the fingers, giving the look and size difference needed for certain designs.

    0 0 

    Other Sources: Resin Claws - Parade Sandals

    • Parade and Realistic Feet Paws

    Our feet paws are hand carved and created to fit like a comfortable slipper that you can wear for hours. It starts off with solid urethane foam that’s hand carved and hollowed out to allow for the foot to rest inside. Then a Lycra® Spandex material “sock” is made that is attached on the inside and continues up the legging of the foot paw.

    The fur is then stretched over the entire length and then ½” thick rugged foam is applied to the bottom, or the sole of the paw (for parade style feet). We also can do individual paw pads instead of a foam sole, using such materials like leather, suede, Lycra, etc (realistic style).

    Other options included for feet paws are resin claws, LED claws and parade sandals.

    Body Suit Construction
    • Semi-Tight to Mascot Custom Style Fit

    Each body suit is made with premium fur that’s machine sewn (surged) to measurements specific from our measuring chart (located here) or provided with an duck tape dummy (DTD). The entrance zipper can be placed either on the back (normally) or in the front. The tail is also attached to the body suit, unless specified to be removable.

    Semi-Tight to Mascot Fit. Semi-tight is exactly that, we will very about 1 to 2" in the overall suit measurements so that the suit will fit you not tight but in enough that there is no major excess of fur overlapping. Mascot style will be your "universal" suit being able to accommodate to many people under one size.

    We can also sew a built in Lycra liner on the inside as well, providing more comfort and durability.

    Want to fit the character you have designed up?

    Our body padding suits can also be designed with and internal muscle padding jump suit that consists of layered foam (usually removable for ease of washing) and a Lycra Spandex outside.

    Tail Construction

    Our tails can be made with a Poly-fill stuffing or foam base, depending on the type of curve you want.

    They can either be permanently attached to the body suit or made into a loop to be held up by a belt.

    Other options can include a zipper for easy maintenance, allowing you to re-adjust the stuffing inside and also the ability to wash. A hidden zipper pocket could also be made.

    Other Accessories

    Other Sources: Electronic Projects

    We also offer custom electronic mods ranging from LED blushing cheeks, customizable LED color changing enlarged piercing's to sound activated tilting ears. For any of your electronic needs please be sure to ask us and we will gladly help you :)

    Every electrical component is soldered and sealed, including any circuits which are potted in resin. All wiring is securely soldered and sealed to prevent getting shocked.

    We back all our products with a guarantee that they will work the minute you get them, but If anything arrives DOA we will be happy to replace it. Faults in items that were caused by abuse and not general usage will not be covered under our warranty.