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    General Commission Information

    How do commissions work?

    I will update everyone that's subscribed to the Commission Status Updates on this site, and through twitter (@Roofur) that I'm opening for quote reviews. This will allow you to submit your quote from the Quote Builder, where we can discuss options, suggestions and cost. Once everything is figured out and agreed upon, an invoice will then be created and attached to your account, and a spot on the wait-list will be claimed. No down deposit or payments will be required at this step. The start date that is issued on the Wait-list is an estimated start of your commission, and throughout the year this date will more then likely change as people opt-out of their spot or when "lottery" spots are filled.

    Once I'm halfway through completing the current commission (which should be roughly about every month), I'll then contact the next in line on the wait-list to see if they are ready to commit on their invoice, and to reserve a spot on the queue list by making the down deposit. At this point if you do submit a deposit, you would only have around an estimated 6 month wait time for me to get started. This is done to keep my actual queue list around 6 months out.

    As a thank you for those patiently waiting, every forth spot will be a random "lottery" spot for anyone that's on the wait-list. This spot will be chosen by a random number generator, giving one lucky wait-lister a chance to claim that available open queue list spot. If you are chosen and decide not to claim the open spot (within 3 weeks), your position in the wait-list will not change, and someone else will be randomly selected.

    To view where I'm at on the wait-list (including lottery spots), please Click Here to go to the front page, bottom left corner and c on (+))the Future Wait List.

    References / Artwork

    First thing, the most crutial part to your commission will be your reference material... the more detailed it is to your liking the more you'll love how the final product turns out!

    Good character reference sheets usually consists of a front shot of the character, a side or angled shot showing the side and back, a back shot, and then details that are hard to get in the overall image (hand or feet gloves/paws, tail, head, etc.) Just make sure any details you are wanting in your character are clearly captured in your concept art.

    Example shown of an ideal reference sheet to the right (Art done by Pawzer Studios)

    You can then head over to the Quote Builder and view/select which options or features you would like to see on your project. This will give you a quick and instant estimated quote.

    If your needing a artist to render your character, here are a few that have supplied fursuit references in the past:

    Measurements Vs Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)

    To build you a custom suit, I will need either written measurements (tutorial links above) or a duct tape dummy (DTD). For added assurance you can also provide both. Measurements could be taken at conventions that can be attended, so please feel free to ask if I will be attending your convention!

    For projects that consist of extensive muscle padding I do recommend supplying a DTD.

    For commissions that will not start immediately, I recommend you sending your measurements (or DTD) one month before the start date, that way the suit will be made to your current physical proportions. Once the commission is complete I guarantee fit up to sixty (60) days.

    If an adjustment is needed within that time frame, please let me know what needs to be corrected and ship the body suit back. I will cover the cost to ship it back to you (only on the first incident). After the sixty (60) days is met (even if your commission is held waiting for final payment) I will not be able to guarantee fit and will charge a service fee depending on the work needed.

    Payment Installments

    To get you on the queue list a 35% down deposit will be required to start (non-refundable, goes towards the total). Once the down deposit is met a spot will be reserved on the queue list with your start date. Completion time will usually take between 2 to 4 weeks once started, but some projects can take longer depending on complexity.

    Payment plans are available for invoices totaling over $400. Normally a monthly payment is based off the total suit cost and time to completion.

    Example: If the total for a fursuit was $1,500 and could be completed in 6 months, the down deposit (35%) would be $525, and each month after the deposit month would be $195/mo.

    Full payment can be made anytime you choose so. Once the commission is complete and if full payment is NOT made we will continue to hold the commission up to six (6) months (any guarantee dates start on the completion date.... example of a guarantee: body suit measurement fit). At the end of the 6th month I will get in contact again, but if no arrangement can be met then the commission will be forfeited and sold to recoup loss.

    We currently accept PayPal (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Bank drafts), personal / business checks, and money orders.


    Once final agreements are made on your invoice, it will be available to view through this site with your account. Here you will be able to make payments, check on commission status, update your personal information, view current order(s) / payment(s) as well as updating your measurements.

    Your updated invoice will also be available as a PDF to save or print.

    Shipping (Domestic and International)

    Shipping depends on the commission. Once your commission is complete, the amount of shipment is then calculated and added to the total purchase. Depending on the item size (and your shipping provider preferences) I can ship USPS, UPS (by default), or FedEx. I will ship internationally but please message me for further information if you have questions. International Customers are responsible for all associated customs, fees, and taxes. Customs forms will be filled out properly and legally.

    If you are located in Colorado-US or surrounding and would like to pick up your commission, please let me know and we can schedule a pickup date.

    Once final payment is made (and commission is complete) your item(s) will be shipped out ASAP.